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Working with Plan Partners

As Australia's leading expert in NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination, we work alongside thousands of service providers throughout the country in providing positive outcomes for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. From sole traders to large health organisations, the service providers within our national network are all united by one thing: the desire to help others.


Learn more and sign up to the Plan Partners Service Provider Network, find out how to get your NDIS invoices paid with Plan Partners and read the latest NDIS news for service providers here.


Why Plan Partners?




We have years of experience in the disability sector and have supported thousands of participants with the NDIS since 2016.


Large network

Join the thousands of other NDIS registered and unregistered service providers within Plan Partners' national network. 


Get paid faster

Your invoices get paid within 4 business days when you use our Fast Payment System or 7 business days via email. 




We support your customers in bringing their NDIS plans to life based upon what’s best for them – not anyone else. 

How do I join the Plan Partners?




Starting with Plan Partners

Just sign up here. We will contact you within 1 business day. By becoming part of our network, you'll get access to your own personal Plan Partners Dashboard, where you can easily track the status of your invoices. We will also update you regularly with advice and tips on how to work with the NDIS.

While it’s not compulsory, we encourage all new service providers to sign our Provider Participation Terms. Laying out the terms of our arrangement helps to protect all parties and ensure invoices are paid promptly.

Only if your customer’s funds are being managed by the NDIA, which requires providers to be registered in order to submit a claim. If your customer has Plan Management, they can use unregistered providers.

If you'd like to find out more about the differences between registered and unregistered providers, this handy blog explains it all. 


Submitting invoices

The easiest and fastest way is to submit it through our Fast Payment System in your online Dashboard, which allows your invoice to be paid within 4 business days. Alternatively, you can submit your invoice in PDF, Word or Excel to, but it'll take our team longer to review and validate your invoice and payment time will usually be within 7 business days. You can track the status of your invoice any time in your Dashboard. Submit an invoice.

Our Fast Payment System lets you create an invoice automatically with handy tools to look up NDIS line items and a valid invoice number. This article explains what needs to be on an invoice and provides a handy invoice template. Your invoice should be aligned with ATO guidelines and include the required NDIS line items.

We aim to process all invoices promptly. Invoices usually get paid within 7 business days, but by submitting your invoice through our Fast Payment System your invoice can get paid within 4 business days. You can always track the status of your invoices on your Dashboard.

You can receive payments from us by EFT or, if your business has a credit card terminal, you can choose to receive a credit card payment, which will allow us to pay as soon as your claim is successfully accepted by the NDIA, rather than having to wait for us to receive the funds first. To find out more about credit card payment, just email our team at



Organising your NDIS services

For a support to receive NDIS funding, it must be considered ‘reasonable and necessary’ to help the participant reach their goals and objectives.

In this handy blog we explain how to determine whether your supports are considered 'reasonable and necessary' for the NDIS participant.

The NDIS has a very handy guide  on how to set up a service agreement with an NDIS participant, and what to include in the agreement.

If you need more help, our friendly team is happy to help you. Just give us a call on 1300 333 700.

Our new eBook, Working with the NDIS, explains how you can get your business NDIS-ready and provides you with handy tips and tricks through every step of your NDIS journey.

The benefits of our services

We make life easier for people who are struggling to manage their NDIS funds. As their Plan Manager, we process their invoices, give them access to their own online Dashboard so they can track their NDIS budgets and send them regular updates and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the NDIS. Our Plan Partners team is available for any questions about the NDIS they have. We can help your customers navigate the NDIS by holding information sessions and workshops or even co-host an event with you on the topic. In addition, we can provide you with a range of NDIS resources to share with your customers.

Many customers struggle with finding service providers in their area. Support Coordination can help them find and connect with the right providers at every stage of their NDIS journey. Support Coordinators can help with understanding what's in an NDIS plan, setting up service agreements, prepare them for their planning and review meetings and regularly evaluate the progress of their NDIS plan.

When your customers sign up with us, you can be sure that their NDIS plans are managed well and their invoices are processed promptly. 

As part of Plan Partners' network you have access to Plan Partners' team and you can ask all questions about NDIS plans you have. You'll also get access to your own online Dashboard where you can easily track the status of your invoices. We will send you regular updates and tips on how to get the most of the NDIS for your organisation and customers. We can also organise workshops and presentations for your staff and customers.


Feedback and complaints


We always aim to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Please contact us on 1300 333 700 or email to discuss any concerns. Read our Feedback and Complaints Procedure for more information.


If you’d prefer to raise the issue with a third party, you can contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman on 1300 362 072.


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