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My NDIS Journey

Tristram is a 28 year NDIS participant-to-be from Brisbane. In this new vlog series, he shares his experiences and gives handy tips through every step of his NDIS journey.



Latest Episode


Episode 0: Meet Tristram

Meet Tristram, a 28 year NDIS participant-to-be.

Latest Episode

Episode 1: Preparing for my planning meeting

Tristram explains why it is important to prepare well for your planning meeting - and how to best do this!

Latest Episode


We follow Tristram going into his planning meeting and afterwards. How did his meeting go?

Latest Episode

Episode 3: Managing my NDIS funds

While waiting for his NDIS plan, Tristram explains the three different options for managing your NDIS funds - a very important decision to make!

Latest Episode

Episode 4: Receiving my NDIS plan

Tristram receives his NDIS plan - and is very disappointed. Find out what he does next.

Latest Episode

Episode 5: Result of my review

After going through the plan review process, Tristram receives his new NDIS plan!

Latest Episode

My NDIS Journey is produced by Dower Productions

Watch all episodes here or on the Plan Partners YouTube channel


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